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China’s “Birth Control” ‘Sex Selective Abortion’ has arrived in America


A must see video! Lila Rose, from live goes undercover in Austin, TX. She exposes a Planned Parenthood “counsellor advising women to abort girls. Sex selective, late term, abortion. In America!

What’s the difference from this method, or China’s operation of a delivery room with a bucket of water on the floor, so if the woman has a girl they can put the infant into the bucket to drown her?

In my mind, there is no difference, none.

Robert E. Stage Jr.
The Patriot


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More Breast Feeding Pics, Really?

Got Milk?

No, I don’t feel comfortable posting the picture of these two military moms in what appears to be an “impromptu” picture taken in their military uniforms. I find it to be distasteful. So I chose this cute kitten.

First we had the “Republican war on women” so-called. Then we had the counter to that fake war, the cover of time magazine with what seemed to be a “teenager” breast feeding on a stool. And this picture was on a grocery store news stand periodical, Time Magazine. Elizabeth Warren (D) candidate for US Senate from Mass. now claims she was the first nursing mother that took the Bar exam in New Jersey. (Elizabeth Warren of 1/32 Cherokee fame) And now two military moms in a “breast feeding” promotional picture that is more softcore porn than a celebration of breast feeding. I understand a kids gotta eat, but don’t they make pumps and bottles anymore?

Stop the world, I need off for a while. Geesh!

Robert E. Stage Jr.
The Patriot


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TSA – Decides to Stop Groping Granny

Read; then let this seer into your mind for a while.

The year was 1692, the place was Salem Village, Massachusetts. At the zenith of the Witch Trials in our country, people were scared to death of their neighbors for fear that they would be accused of being a witch. They were terrified they would be arrested, tried, convicted of being a witch and then subsequently hanged. A great commotion was started by a group of little girls and their accusations against a slave woman named, Tituba. The little girls were exhibiting strange behavior, convulsions and the doctor of the village could see no natural cause for the affliction. The girls of Salem Village, had to be under the spell of a witch or worse yet, witches.

You! You are GUILTY!!!

I have given you a synopsis of the story of the witch trials because something amazing and wonderful happened out of those terrible trials. A shift happened. A shift of the burden of proof needed to convict someone beyond a reasonable doubt. History tells us, that when accused of a crime, the law said that the burden of proof was on the accused. However, at the end of the witch trials this was transferred to the prosecution. This is to say that at one point, if accused, you would have to prove that you were innocent of the indictment, that was your burden. After the trials, if you were accused of a crime, those who indicted you, had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were guilty of the charges. Now it was their burden. No more were you presumed guilty until you proved your innocence, you were presumed innocent until the State proved you were guilty. This premise is what our system is built on, it impacts the writ of habeas corpus and the right to a fair and speedy trial.

Now ask yourself, are you guilty, or is there probable cause to search you for entering a certain area in an airport? Who has the right to search your ‘person’ for merely being in an area of a building. What’s even worse, you are not only searched, now you are “seen” naked through the airport scanners or felt up by some TSA pervert. You might think that is rough but I was raised being told that no one had the right to touch my body, unless I give it to them. The government, using the TSA, Homeland Security, and the Patriot act has turned 320 years of legal precedent on its ear. They have groped granny, pulled out colostomy bags, humiliated cancer patients, touched children in inappropriate places, imagine if a parent done to their child what the TSA now calls a duty, the parent who touched their child would be jailed for gross sexual imposition of a minor! It is disgusting how we are being treated for merely wanting to take part in the convenience of flying on an airplane from one place to another. All because 19 Saudi Arabian radical Islamists decided to use jet airplanes full of fuel as weapons against our countrymen. So now we endure the death of the 4th amendment, as we “disrobe” through the airport scanner, take our shoes and belts off, carry “approved fluids” in “approved bottles” using “approved methods”. It is MADNESS!

We should all wear it as a badge of honor! We will NOT comply!

The good news is we are slowly rolling back their power by our protest and righteous indignation. The spokesperson for the TSA, David Castelveter, has recently released news that the TSA has rethought their stance on strip searching granny and grandpappy, they’re going to relax restrictions on all air travelers over the age of 75. Any one want to join me in a sarcastic “thank you, TSA!?”. Imagine, the government telling you, we’re going to “slow up” on trampling your Constitutional rights. People everywhere should be outraged! They’re going to stop doing something that they should have never done in the first place, no more groping granny! Well it’s about time pervs!

Now how about keeping your hands off the rest of us!

Robert E. Stage Jr.
The Patriot


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Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Movie Project

Super Powers have risen and fallen. History has shown all nations go through times that are good and bad. The nations who were able to correct their course before they went off a cliff are far and few between. In order to restore any nation you have to diagnose when or where that nation started to “go off the tracks”. Kirk Cameron, father of 6 children and outspoken Christian has been working on a documentary project called “Monumental”. In the documentary he traces Americas roots all the way back to our beginnings. Not 1776, but hundreds of years earlier, into other nations, to our origins where the dream of America started.

I love the movie “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe. I especially love the quote that Ceaser, Marcus Aurelius said to Maximus, “there once was a dream that was Rome, you could only whisper it, anything more and it would vanish.” He was speaking to how fragile the nation was. Many of us who are conservative understand the same about our freedoms. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, freedom is not an inheritance, it has to be worked toward and for. Each generation has to toe the line.

The DVD of “Monumental” can be purchased on the Monumental Movie website. At $15.00, it is a steal, considering it costs (for two) $35.00-45.00 currently to watch a movie in a theatre.

Enjoy the trailers, and check out the website. Find the diagnosis and prescription for our nation, and help it prosper.

The Patriot


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Honor Flight: Ryan’s Story

For those of you not familiar with Honor Flight, let me explain what their mission is all about. Honor Flight helps World War II Veterans fly to the World War II monument in Washington D.C. at no cost to them. They also match Honor Guards with veterans as chaperones, to assure the veterans leave, arrive and enjoy their time at the monument to them, and their brother’s in arms. The Honor Guards volunteer for this duty willingly and at their own expense, it costs them $500.00 to chaperone. Above you will hear about Ryan’s story, he was chosen as a chaperone, his is a very touching and soul-stirring story explaining about his experience while gathering the funds to go and while chaperoning.

At the WWII Memorial

What a wonderful way to show appreciation to our WWII vets, paying their way to see their monument.

First Flight Group

If you want to find out how to get involved, click the link to their website under the video.

Saluting the Brave

The Patriot

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Four Year old Girl Gets a Lesson in Fascism at Primary School

Marcella Marino

This is a photo of 4-year-old, Marcella Marino. Last Monday she was told when she went to primary school that she would not be allowed to be in the class photo because her hair-do was distracting and didn’t meet dress code.

Marcella wanted her dad, professional hair stylist, Marcello, to fix her hair up for her classmate photo, so he obliged. Like any 4-year-old girl would be, she was excited that her father was part of her special day with her classmates and she loved her hair bow made from her own hair. There was just one problem, the school she attends said No-Way! When she was told she would be banned from the photo, she was devastated and confused. The British Primary School she attends has a strict dress code. The dress code states about hair bows “that they be of dark colors, Navy Blue, Maroon, and Black.” The school also has banned braids and beads. Of course “blonde” is not an accepted color of a hair bow, so banned she was!

This story is out of England, however, don’t fall for the “well it’s happening somewhere else so it doesn’t affect me” mentality. I am positive that there is plenty of this suppression happening in our own schools. Its 4-year-olds, how strict does a dress code have to be for 4-year-olds? The school believes they are protecting the students from distractions. What’s interesting is, Marcella’s hair style broke all the rules and none of them, its her own hair, and there is no braids or beads involved in its styling.

I wonder what kind of message this little girl is getting from this ordeal?

At the time of the original story, the school had still not responded.

The Patriot


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Country, returns to its Roots

Click to play Journey of your life

My wife and I were driving around today, and for the first time in a while (since Alan Jackson’s d├ębut) we heard an old style “story-teller style” country song by Jake Owen, named “Journey of your life”. We enjoy many types of music, but when we heard this song, we both just stopped in our tracks. It’s one of those songs that make you ponder family, country, and God. It is an uplifting song, something our country needs right now. It’s seems like the right song at the right time, especially on a Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy.

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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