Obama admits he is Muslim: What a Man Believes, Shapes His Worldview

08 May

Matthew 7:20  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

**Story Update**

Rev. Jeremiah Wright admits, “I made it easy for Obama to accept Christianity, without having to renounce Islam.”

Let me begin by saying, I know the US Constitution bars a religious litmus test for all those who would seek to hold public office, and I am in agreement with it. The above video should not be viewed in a Constitutional context. It should however be viewed and reviewed in a context of how a man’s words either shed light, or darkness on his character. In this highly charged, political, election year climate, you will hear a ton more on the faith (Mormonism) of the Republican (almost) nominee, Mitt Romney by the main stream media. In contrast, you will see the media elite try to deflect for Obama, any question that remotely challenges him, his policies, and his faith. Mr. Obama has stated on numerous occasions that he is a Christian, and Jerimiah Wright had led him to Christ, married he and his wife Michelle, and also baptized his daughters Sasha and Malia. (Although Jerimiah preaches black liberation theology). Either Obama is a Christian, or he is a Muslim, there is no middle ground. He can’t have it both ways. Although if you study his actions he tries his absolute best to play the politically correct answers all the time.

Mr. Obama, is the closest our nation has ever come to being ruled by a foreign dictator, thats not hyperbole, many would agree with that statement. So, why does it feel this way?

Because what a man believes, forms all his policies, forms his world view, and forms his moral foundation. After watching the video, ponder the verse of Scripture under it, and ask yourself, what are Barack Obama’s fruits? I would list all the pro-muslim actions he’s taken, but the video does an excellent job outlining them. Something else to remember while watching the video, in Islam, it is perfectly okay to lie about anything, as long as you are ultimately promoting the Muslim faith. And yes, this video has been out for a while, however it never hurts to do a refresher every now and again. Because Sharia Law is not freedom compliant!

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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4 responses to “Obama admits he is Muslim: What a Man Believes, Shapes His Worldview

  1. Rebecca Smith

    05/14/2012 at 11:04 pm

    People should read the parts of his book that pretty explicitly lay out what he BELIEVES. He wants to be just like his abandoning father and follow in his footsteps, fulfill his dreams and finish his ‘works’ and goals.

    His father had totally communistic beliefs, including the idea that technically 100% taxation is ALLOWABLE if you give the people the same dollar amount in ‘goods and services’ of course they can’t CHOOSE what goods are services are included, so that makes them more like slaves paid ‘in kind’ food, shelter, etc.

    His father also had the STRONG belief that ‘white colonialist countries’ need to keep paying African countries lots of money, lots and lots, until they can ‘take care of themselves’ (which will never happen). His father seemed to have a lot of angst and hatred directed at whites, rich people, rich countries, and any countries that had created colonies in the past, OR owned slaves. Therefore, I assume Obama does too.

    His father believed in ‘asset re-distribution’ so does Obama – his father believed in forcing the rich to give money to take care of the poor, SO does Obama.

    Obama’s FATHER was a muslim, his STEPFATHER who adopted him WAS a muslim as well. He went to school at a Madrassa in Indonesia, and in Madrassas you learn about ISLAM, living as a muslim, Sharia law, and you are taught that all jews must die, israel must be destroyed, and Jews and Christians are the foulest creatures walking the earth.
    Going to ‘church’ in America included only going to a racist anti-white anti-american BLACK church, and that is the kind that does not teach ‘the word’ but the word of angry blacks who hate white people and believe they are ‘owed’ something. These are more like political and hate ideology sermons. He went to that church for 20 years. TELL me he doesn’t hate whites. TELL me he doesn’t hate America. HE DOES. His reverend speaking of the blah de blah AmeriKKKa and all that baloney !!! That’s disgusting. A man who hates this country should not be allowed to LEAD IT.

    He also worked for Acorn, his friends and mentor such as Bill Ayers, a communist anarchist terrorist, whose plans included sending people to -re-education camps to force them to embrace his ideals and ideology, and those who would not comply would be executed – Bill Ayers himself stated (on national radio) that probably around 25 million americans would have to be killed. THAT’s his mentor. He spent much of his time with (in his words) Black Radicals, although not saying who, he did, after all, dismiss the case against the black panthers for voter intimidation even though they had ALREADY BEEN TRIED and FOUND GUILTY.
    He didn’t STOP an investigation, or demur on taking them to trial. It was DONE and he and “my people” Eric Holder threw it in the trash.
    THAT’s what he believes.

    I’m quite certain that he believes in the destruction of anything uniquely whites, and that the whites who created ‘a wonderful country’ should all pay for having something while non whites didn’t. He won’t be happy until everybody is as POOR as everybody else. He is flooding the US with mexican immigrants, halting deportations against mexicans BUT NOT against Europeans.
    In my personal opinion, his goal seems to be the destruction of the USA while sending billions to islamic and african nations.

  2. The Patriot

    05/17/2012 at 7:34 am

    Reblogged this on The Constitution Club.

  3. jackcurtis

    05/26/2012 at 2:30 pm

    Beliefs are important in leaders particularly…I don’t want to follow someone who walks up to a lion saying: “Nice kitty!” If the Prez is a Moslem, he is on his knees facing Mecca five times a day, a behavior no one has mentioned so far. He grew up in an Moslem household but its degree of commitment appears unknown. I imagine he is Moslem like he is Christian (also claimed by him) and Biden and Pelosi are Catholic…i.e. for whatever political gain seems available.

    • The Patriot

      05/26/2012 at 2:48 pm

      Obama certainly plays the “all things to all people card” quite a bit. I would agree with you on his “magnetic attractions” to political expediency. I love the video, at the very least it shows Obama to be an Oscar winning actor in the political theatre that is modern day politics, and at the most, it shows a really tilted slant toward the love and adoration that Obama has for the woman hating and intolerant Islam….


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