A Mother’s Day Prayer for My Beautiful Wife

13 May

My Prayer For My Beautiful Wife on Mothers Day

My wife and I began our Mother’s day with a devotional in bed, we studied The Gospel of John chapter’s 3 and 4. After visiting my mother this morning, my wife and I went to a nice cozy lunch at a Chinese place. I had been thinking of a way that I could be a blessing to my wife and make this Mother’s day special for her also.  I decided to be creative and write a prayer that she could always remember this Mother’s day by, sort of a way to commemorate her day as the mother of our children.  I gathered the best of paper, a really nice frame, and then I just poured my heart out to God and let the words trickle onto the page.  Above is a picture of the finished product. Here is the prayer I wrote: A Mother’s Day Prayer for My Beautiful Wife, To my loving wife Cynthia.  Father God, on this special day, send your blessings and favor upon my wife.  Always lend your strength to her, and set her feet upon the rock that is your Son Jesus Christ.  Nourish her with your Holy word and teach us to be Godly toward one another. Give her your divine protection O’ God; and seal her with your Holy Spirit for the day of your coming.  Reveal to her each and every day just how much of a blessing she is to me and our children, and how much she is needed by us, help us Father to show our love and appreciation toward her, reveal yourself to her in a true and mighty way, all the days of her life.  When she hurts, cradle her in your strong arms and give her sanctuary; help me to understand her pain , so that I might perfect your love upon her.  Grant me patience, so that when she hurts, I may not add to her suffering, but that I might become a blessing to her in your name.  When she laughs, remind her that you’re there with her; when she cries, give her the comfort of knowing that you’re still there with her, and that you will cry with her.  I ask Lord that you would forgive us our trespasses against you, and deliver us from the hand of the evil one.  Help us to flourish in sound doctrine and increase your kingdom.  Now Father I ask that you sustain us on your path, and remind us that you are more faithful than the sun, for one day it will grow cold and dark, but the light of your Son will shine forever more upon our face.  I pray this prayer in Jesus mighty name; Amen. Your loving husband: Robert 2012

My Wife CynthiaHappy Mothers Day DearMy Wife CynthiaI pray you always remember it well!

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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