More Breast Feeding Pics, Really?

30 May

Got Milk?

No, I don’t feel comfortable posting the picture of these two military moms in what appears to be an “impromptu” picture taken in their military uniforms. I find it to be distasteful. So I chose this cute kitten.

First we had the “Republican war on women” so-called. Then we had the counter to that fake war, the cover of time magazine with what seemed to be a “teenager” breast feeding on a stool. And this picture was on a grocery store news stand periodical, Time Magazine. Elizabeth Warren (D) candidate for US Senate from Mass. now claims she was the first nursing mother that took the Bar exam in New Jersey. (Elizabeth Warren of 1/32 Cherokee fame) And now two military moms in a “breast feeding” promotional picture that is more softcore porn than a celebration of breast feeding. I understand a kids gotta eat, but don’t they make pumps and bottles anymore?

Stop the world, I need off for a while. Geesh!

Robert E. Stage Jr.
The Patriot


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2 responses to “More Breast Feeding Pics, Really?

  1. DefiningMotherhood

    05/30/2012 at 11:15 pm

    “I understand a kids gotta eat, but don’t they make pumps and bottles anymore?” In a world that uses sex to sell shampoo, I just don’t understand the outrage over women using their bodies to feed their children. It is so basic. That’s exactly what breasts are for. I don’t see anything even remotely pornographic about breastfeeding. Victoria’s Secrets ad…yes. Nursing mother…no.

    • The Patriot

      05/30/2012 at 11:41 pm

      My wife and I agree that they’re using it to promote a political and or social agenda. This issue is being politicized. Breast feeding is a bonding between the mother and child and shouldn’t be manipulated into something else. There was a time when breast feeding was respected and the mothers had a bit of class while doing it. I’m not buying what Victoria Secret is selling nor do I buy what they’re advertising while breast feeding for public display to witness.


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