A Marines Last Gift To A Dying 12 Year Old Boy

04 Jun

Cody Green was diagnosed with leukemia at 22 months old. He battled it courageously and had been declared cancer free three times in his life. He fought the good fight, but in the end the chemotherapy would so weaken his immune system that he would contract a brain fungus which he would die from.

Cody had always wanted to join the Marine Corps when he grew up. He loved the Marines, and what they stood for. When the Marine Corps found out about Cody’s love for them, they came to show the Marine Corps love toward him. They came and made little Cody an honorary Marine, now he is one of them.

But just making Cody an honorary Marine, was not enough for one man.  Marine Corps Sargeant Mark Dolfini from Indiana, came and stood vigil at Cody’s bedside as he lay succumbing to the brain fungus. Mark stood watch for 8 hours straight, until a nurse came to him and let him know Cody’s time was limited.  Mark gently walked to the bedside, took his navigator wings off his uniform and presented them to Cody and left the bedside so his parents could have alone time with Cody as he slip into eternity.

Mark said that the hardest part of the time he spent with the Green family was not at the hospital as Cody lay dying in the bed. The most difficult time was when he and his fellow Marines were at Cody’s funeral, and he presented his mother with the flag, their eyes met for a split second. That was the hardest thing.

Watching the video, makes you that much more proud of the American Military. Sergeant Mark Dolfini says he has stayed in touch with the Green family after Cody’s funeral, and says they will be great friends for a long time.

R.I.P. Cody Green ,Semper Fidelis

Robert. E. Stage Jr.


God works in ways we will never fathom.

Sometimes He calls home the most innocent, while the most vile are untouched.

This is one of those stories that just wrench your heart: a little boy who fought the good fight and loved the Marines. And the Marines reached out, and loved him back. Details are at the bottom.

As a former Army paratrooper, Ranger, Pathfinder, and combat infantry commander, I continue my lifelong admiration for the United States Marines. There is something in their esprit de corps the Army can only achieve in local unit bursts.

They are a national treasure, and I thank God they’re on our side.

“If the Army or the Navy ever get to Heaven’s scene, they will find those valiant Leathernecks, standing guard on Cody Green.”



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