Democrats, Dirty Little Secret about Wisconsin Public Unions

05 Jun

What would you say if I told you, a tiny, little, explosive secret existed in Wisconsin? Nothing more than a whisper and it was a known secret among some media types, but, almost everyone in the state and national media, ignores the little known secret. They ignore it, because it is a very damning secret that is absolutely true and can be verified, the Public Union (ASFCME) membership in Wisconsin has dropped 54% over the last year. 54% over the last year, I’ll say it again. After Gov. Scott Walkers new collective bargaining law went into effect, people have defected the public union. A part of the law that was passed, stopped forced union dues. After the people had the choice whether to continue paying dues and be a union member, or continue paying and being a member, the majority of them quit the union and its confiscatory dues. This news broke locally in Wisconsin three full days ago. This is a terrible blow to the Democratic money laundering machine! And with fewer members, that translates to less cash to spend on Obama’s Hope and Change campaign, oops, I’m sorry, he’s already sold that sham once, no money for Forward. It is a national disgrace that the media has largely ignored this story. I think most would agree with me, this is important news.

Can you imagine if this information was detrimental to Conservatives or Republicans? You couldn’t have fit another reporter into the state of Wisconsin without blowing out its southern border. Wisconsin would have been crawling with press, just licking their chops, waiting to take a bite out of a Conservative.

As we all know, the press only exists on the internet and a few other outlets. I actually contend, that the Citizen Blogger or the Citizen Journalist is the last line of defense against Government tyranny over the people. I can back up this claim with facts and they are PIPA, SOPA, and CISPA. I submit to you that these pieces of legislation was directed at sites like ours, and wordpress, blospot, and some news websites that act as news aggregate sites, such as Drudge Report, and a few others. After all, Drudge is just a blog with a lot of news links gathered on one site. See, these laws that the Congress tried to pass, would make it illegal to take a link from a website and place it on your site, or use a video like I have done at the top of this article. That’s right, you could have been indicted for sharing a picture on your blog, or sharing a file, or a video if you were not the owner. This would have opened up a huge door for the Federal Government to pick and choose who would have the freedom of speech. So I say God Bless the Citizen Journalist. Keep pushing back!

There is a massive shift in public opinion in where people consume their news. There is a lot of people who are just shutting off the evening news and following blogs run by fellow citizens, people trust their neighbors more than the CBS evening news. Cnn’s ratings have hit a 20 year slump for two months in a row now, and subscribership is way down for newspapers in our country. Why do you suppose that is? I contend it’s because people are sick and tired of being lied to! People are sick and tired of watching a president that seems more like a foreign dictator, that hates our country and runs around apologizing for us, when we’re unapologetic by the way. The citizenry is fed up! Fed up with big government that begets more government.

Tonight is a momentous evening. Gov. Scott Walker is getting ready to spank Tom Berrett in his recall election by maybe as much as 17-20 percentage points, which is much like Reagan pouring that 55 gallon drum of Whupp Ass on Jimmy Carter and carrying 44 of 50 states in ’80. Walker has delivered on the things he campaigned on, fiscal responsibility, he balanced the budget. Leadership, he certainly has been as steadfast as a stone in the face of demonization, and an all out war on him and his brand of conservative politics. He has not wavered! If this man wins, you may have seen the end of public sector unions and it will be considered a referendum on Obama’s sorry leadership!

Tomorrow, find a long haired, dope smoking, maggot infested hippy, and tell them in no uncertain terms, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!!!

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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