The Government Has Gained a BUNCH of weight, lets BAN them from spending anything more than $16.00 at a time! (They can spend $32.00, but they must get our permission twice!)

14 Jun

TOO DAMN FAT! Now look who doesn’t even fit in a one piece bathing suit anymore, that’s right, its the government. Inspired by New York City Mayor, Michael “the imperialist czar” Bloomberg, I have come to some conclusions about our governments here in America, the government has really put on some weight. I mean, its not just a little weight, like the ten pounds you get from eating at the Sizzler every weekend for a month. This amount of weight, is like Oprah Winfrey binge eating Gail King and finishing her off with a dessert of Fat Albert.

Our politicians need a crash diet. And we should make them excersise with a non stop loop tape of “chicken fat” and “sweating to the oldies” lead by none other than Richard Simmons himself!
Visualize that for a second… eww.

As if politicians haven’t anything better to do with their time, Bloomberg wants desperately to “save you from yourself”. After, banning smoking indoors, smoking outdoors, salt, trans-fats, now he has made it his personal mission to make sure you stay thirsty in the big apple, by banning your sugary soda bigger than 16oz. And now there’s even talk of limiting the size of popcorn you can buy at the movies. Yes, there’s more, Bloomberg has also proposed a ban on happy hour. Well how about a citizens revolt!? That brings up the idea in the title. How would the fatty fat fatty politicians like it if the citizens turned on them and hittem’ where it hurts, in the pocket book. Take the city of New York for instance, if just 2% of the citizens showed up at the council meetings, every time there was one and DEMANDED that they put a stop to this madness, and if they didn’t, the citizens would see to it that the council have to get permission to spend each and every $16.00 they spent, Bloomberg would have no choice then to walk this nonsense back! Or maybe the constituency should just stop feeding the monster that is out of control government.

This is Government unfettered! The citizenry had better slip the chains back around their governments hands and feet, and slip them back inside the cage that is the Constitution or we are finished! Period!

Mark my words, government is no where near finished with overreaching and arbitrary regulations to impede your God given freedom! Their just getting warmed up.

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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