An Obamanation of Healthcare, and the Death of your Conscience

16 Jun

Soon the Supreme Court will decide the fate of one of the most controversial bills the Congress has ever passed, if not the most controversial. The Affordable Care Act of 2010, better known now as Obamacare. The folks over at the Alliance Defense Fund has put together a 2 minute video that spells out the most dangerous provisions in the 2700 page monstrosity. It has very important information that illustrates why the healthcare law will absolutely force a majority of citizens in our nation to act contrary to their deeply held religious beliefs. It specifically mentions the “abortion tax” that you will fund (whether you want to or not, no conscientious objectors, please) with your healthcare premiums. I stumbled onto this video by reading a fellow conservative blog at Two Heads are Better than One. I love to write, but I read about twice as much as I write, because I think it’s important to learn about as many issues as I can, as quickly as I can. Because, as conservatives, we are having everything thrown at us to disrupt and throw us off our game, those in the federal government know very well that their time is short to get all these controls in place, because the American people are AWAKE and the Conservative Rebellion has begun. I urge you to check out The Alliance Defense Fund, and The conservative blog I mentioned, we have to band together as soldiers in the same fight, to repeal the actions of the president and the runaway Congress of the first two and a half years of Obama’s reign as self-appointed Monarch of the United States of America.

The death panel cometh, only we can stop it.

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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