Juan Williams of Fox News Proves Himself to be a Jackass

17 Jun


At the 5:33 mark in this video, Juan Williams’ leftist-elitist attitude goes on display. And as a funny side note pay close attention to Juan, he keeps mis-pronouncing Valerie Plame’s name, he keeps saying Flame, so much for journalistic accuracy. “I’m a real reporter!” Laughable.

Related story click here. Judge Michael Panter of Cook County Illinois (where dead democrats vote, sometimes more than once) hands down a verdict of ‘No’, setting a legal precedent that bloggers do not share the same legal protections as journalists do.

There is a debate already beginning to rage in our society, is there a difference between a blogger and journalist?

Well, that depends on who answers the question it seems. Some say that a journalist would be someone professionally educated in journalism and holding an accreditation by a news organization, others would disagree with that. So, lets look at the facts. What are some of the tenets of a journalist? A journalist should be honest and truthful at all times. They should never be biased in their reporting. They should not plagiarise stories or make up stories for ratings or newspaper sales increases. They should always follow the five journalist questions learned by children around the fourth grade in composition class, Who, What, Why, When and Where? Some schools have added a sixth question, How? They should have at least a decent command upon the language they report in. Those, I think would be reasonable things we should expect from the news media, whether it be in print, on television, or the internet.

Google the name “Zach Kouwe” and what you will get in return are a number of stories that describe how he was fired from the New York Times for plagiarism, and fired from other employers for the same reason.

Ditto used to teach the Journalistic style of writing

Here’s the real battle going on, bloggers are treading on the newspapers, television, and some internet sites turf. When those who have enjoyed immense power, watch it slipping from their hands, they are going to fight back. The American people have been taken advantage of and used by the media elites. Period. And the citizens aren’t accepting the narrative any longer. Citizens are sick of $100,000 “educated” journalists that are only looking for personal gain and celebrity over doing their jobs. If you plotted out on a chart, the rise of the blogger [citizen journalist] and the decline of news ratings, and the nose dive of print media, they would mirror each other, one would be trending up, and one downward. There is a transfer of power happening in our country, one where the news media élite is slowly losing, and the citizen is gaining. Trust has been transferred to the fellow citizen from the large news media.

You see, it was “just a blogger” that broke the story that took down Dan Rather, for using fabricated documents regarding then President George W. Bush’s National Guard service. And further more it was “just a blogger” that broke the story of “Fast and Furious”, not the news media. Then, CBS tried to claim [falsely] they broke the story.

I think the news media has played their hand a little recklessly, and in doing so, have lost every bit of credibility they ever had. Not vetting candidate Barack Obama, and propping up a socialist commie president, treating him with kid gloves all the time, and being an evangelist for Obama, has been to their detriment with the American people. Think about this for a moment, In the most politically charged times in our country, probably of all time, and during a presidential election season, CNN is getting beat handily in ratings by Spongebob Square Pants. They have to count in a ratings format that counts two-year olds as programming viewers to get on the ratings board. Is that not unprecedented? Newsworthy? You know the answer.

There are some blogs that do not report per se, and I consider myself more of a conservative philosopher and political commentator. In no way does that bar me from writing in a journalistic style, being unbiased in my reporting of the story and operating as a journalist or reporter. The scam is OVER media, like most industries that don’t perform truthfully, you have punched your own ticket. Welcome to the era of the Conservative Rebellion and the Rise of the Citizen Journalist.

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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