Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love – Dallas, Texas – July 28th 2012

18 Jun

Glenn Beck has recently announced that he has chosen a theme song for Restoring Love in Dallas TX on July 28th 2012. The song is named “Hold us together” by Matt Maher. It is an uplifting song with very poignant lyrics. My wife and I initially had signed up for tickets to this event, however the economy is too slow for us to be able to make it there. We had spot number 667 in line for pre-buy tickets. We were able to attend Restoring Honor in Washington D.C. on August 28th, 2010 (which happened to be our 3rd year anniversary since the day we met). Below are some pictures of that event.  It was a very spiritually moving day, and I think a turning point in our nation, because it threw the militant lefties a curve ball, they didn’t know there was that many people who shared deep convictions for God and Country.

At 6:00 AM on the Mall Restoring Honor 8/28/10

6:00 AM also, on the National Mall Restoring Honor 8/28/10

The Lincoln Memorial and Stage at around 5:20 AM Restoring Honor 8/28/10

From near the Sound Stage at 5:20 AM Restoring Honor 8/28/10

Honest Abe Lincoln at his Memorial (spooky) Restoring Honor 8/28/10

Lincoln Memorial at 6:20 AM Restoring Honor 8/28/10

Sound Stage area 5:05 AM Restoring Honor 8/28/10

Taken from behind the Sound Stage on landing for the Lincoln Memorial 5:00 AM Restoring Honor 8/28/10

Lincoln Memorial

Helicopter shot Courtesy of Glennbeck,com Yes there were people all the way past the WWII Monument contrary to what CBS reported 89,000 people lol what were they smoking?

My Wife and I at Restoring Honor 9:00 Am 8/28/10

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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2 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love – Dallas, Texas – July 28th 2012

  1. Tracy Ridley Kirchgessner

    06/28/2012 at 2:49 am

    Glenn, I am a native of Texan……on my mother’s side….2nd generation……on my father’s…..2nd gerneration. But let me tell you this….. on my father’s side, I am a daughter of the American Revolution……Signer “Honest” John Hart. My great great grand-father was in the union in the Civil War……and yes I live in the South, but, I know what it was for our family to serve as they did. I am glad slavery was abolished. Fact is, we live is different times……..We are not “raciest” we are as our parents taught us to be. We are as we are and we should love our neighbor as ourselves.My Uncle didn’t have much more than a lot of land, but back then, that was all is took to be a wealthy man………


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