How to Piss Off Feminists, give an Award to a….. Woman!?

18 Jun

The best way to piss off feminists, is to give a woman a women’s rights award. I love when Rush Limbaugh states on his radio program that feminism is something for ugly women to do to make themselves feel better. I guess, if your going to give a women’s rights award away, you must run your nominee’s past the feminazi’s first nowadays. The Alice Award, is an award that the Sewall-Belmont House, a museum dedicated to the advancement of women bestow’s upon it’s nominee. Well, this years nominee is Laura Bush, and the lib-feminists are enraged at the museum. They have organized twenty-two women, including former members of the museums board to write letters in protest against the museum. When will the feminists learn their manufactured and hypocritical outrage is not resonating with the American populace. In fact, if anything, they keep embarrassing themselves, see the Rush Limbaugh story. Sonia Pressman Fuentes, co-founder of NOW [National Organization for Women], led the charge.

When I read that the award was going to be given to Laura Bush, I felt as if I’d had a sudden onset of Alzheimer’s, She said. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Alzheimer’s, really? Who sounds insensitive and condescending now? And, how about that mean-spirited and political use of Alzheimer’s? Liberals speak first, and think later. Her comments get even worse. She insists the outrage and stand that she is taking is not a partisan one. She stated,

I would not have given the award to Michelle Obama either. I am disappointed with her and her husbands stance on women’s rights. I mean here you have a brilliant attorney, and she publishes a book on gardening. I’m not complaining that she’s [Laura Bush] a Republican, I’m complaining that she’s never done anything for womans rights.

Does that sound familiar? It should. Does the name Hillary Rosen ring a bell? Hillary Rosen is the Democratic operative that stated “Ann Romney has never had a real job!” So to recap, Laura Bush has never done anything for women? (Which she has and does) And Ann Romney has never had a real job? (Which she has and does, motherhood?)

Liberals, Laura Bush is a WOMAN

I guess starting a teaching initiative, fundraising for the fight against breast cancer, helping to teach young girls in poor nations to read, and all of her general human rights work, doesn’t classify as ‘helping women’ in NOW’s eyes.

In contrast, running Sarah Palin, S. E. Cupp, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Ann Romney, Laura Bush and countless other women into the ground is fighting for ‘women’s rights’. Feminist hypocrisy on full display.

Oh, and don’t forget, free contraceptives classifies as women’s rights. I’m not sure where in the constitution it says it, but it must say it because it garnered a ton of press. Amazing, a set up scam testimony in front of a camera got fifteen days of solid coverage by the mainstream media, orchestrated by Sandra Fluke, and Pelosi. And something else on that, look at how far we have slipped as a society, Sandra Fluke gets behind a table, speaks into a microphone and states that over three years an average student, (her) will need $3000.00 for contraceptives and a radio host calls her a slut, and the radio host is the one who is lambasted? Didn’t she define herself as a slut by her own testimony? You know, God hasn’t changed, he still expects sexual purity and no pre-marital sex.

I guess you can only be for women’s rights if you tow the National Organization for Women’s line. In closing, while Sonia Pressman Fuentes was on the board of Sewall-Belmont, some women won this Alice Award. They were Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric an Olympia Snow. And Sonia couldn’t remember any controversy surrounding their nominations, or presentations of the awards.

Feminist’s have their own little “She-man woman haters club” or was that He-Man, I don’t know, its been forever since I seen “The Little Rascals”.

So if you want to help women progress, you must belong to the correct sorority, or you cannot participate. Sorry.

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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One response to “How to Piss Off Feminists, give an Award to a….. Woman!?

  1. jackcurtis

    09/21/2012 at 2:13 pm

    A true feminist is easily recognized; she is white, wealthy, silent on Moslem abuse of women and a Democrat. She is a strong believer in fairness; she believes in sharing her beliefs as widely as possible with other white, wealthy, selective Democrats. Republicans with two ‘X’ chromosomes are not women and cannot be feminists, not matter their support for women’s rights, because they keep claiming the wrong rights and too few flaunt anti-male Lesbianism.

    Aw, shucks! …


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