19 Jun

Another great post from the folks at FOTM, go check out more of their articles. Thanks DCG

Fellowship of the Minds

Texas Man Faces Death Penalty for Killing Unborn Baby A Texas man is being tried for killing an unborn baby during a vicious attack on his girlfriend. Michael Lee Cunningham will be charged with murder for the death of his own five-month-old unborn child, who was miscarried after Cunningham assaulted her mother. He will be facing the death penalty.

The woman, Courtney Quintana, 22, was in a parked car with Cunningham when the two began to argue. She reportedly got out of the car and he followed her, grabbing her by the hair and forced her against the side of the car, then slamming the car door repeatedly into her abdomen.

Quintana escaped and dialed 911, and the police arrived. Quintana was taken to the hospital and treated, but the baby could not be saved. Cunningham had fled the scene by the time police arrived…

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