City Buses, Unions, and The Fourth of July

23 Jun

What do you get when you mix one part City transit authority, one part Union, and the midwests largest fireworks display Red, White, and BOOM? These three equal extortion of course.

On Friday June 22nd, per the Central Ohio Transit Authority’s (COTA) employee Union’s rules, they filed an intent to strike notice with the city.  Nothing new there, union members strike all the time, when they feel slighted. This intent to strike is special though, because of its timing. The strike will start on July 2nd. Only one day before the City Buses busiest time of the year. You see, on July 3rd close to a half a million spectators filter into downtown Columbus, Oh. After parking as far away as 5 miles, many of those who come to the festivities use the COTA buses to shuttle them deep into the city.
image This all spells trouble for those who were going to use the public transportation during and after Red, White and BOOM. In the worst economy since the depression, the COTA employee’s union wants more money and more benefits, when other public and private sector employees are not receiving increases. Their claim is they want equal pay for equal work, and a change in pay increase schedule. For those that don’t know how this works, they want pay increases to be larger and come more often in their contract. This would have employees start at a higher rate of pay and they would reach their pay ceiling faster.

Any way you slice it, the consumer gets left at the curb.

This is a blatant use of a unions strike powers to extort money from the city of Columbus. This is just one more reason that unions are not good for America.

Robert E. Stage Jr


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One response to “City Buses, Unions, and The Fourth of July

  1. Nicholas Schuyler

    06/28/2012 at 11:54 pm

    Yes, it is definitely unfortunate I don’t get to enjoy the security of union benefits. I, however, do get the joy of making 5.50 an hour + tips in this “worst economic era since the depression.”

    I wish I had a Union to keep my company from strong arming my paychecks and human welfare.


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