What Do These Four Pictures Have in Common?

23 Jun

Roger Clemens

The federal government has prosecuted Roger Clemens for four years, only to lose their case (twice) against him for lying to congress. How many taxpayer dollars do you think that cost us? Well the Barry Bonds trial cost taxpayers 55 million dollars, and John Stossel  (see paragraph 7) of Fox News said that the Roger Clemens trial would cost at least that much if not more. Can you think of a more productive way to spend that amount of money? Besides, isn’t performance enhancing drugs and there use a MLB problem? Why should we the benevolent taxpayer be on the hook for these kind of expenditures? Now it may cost the taxpayer more, what if Clemens sues the federal government for defamation and frivolous prosecution? After all, the man did have his name drug through the press on and off for four years, that has to be worth some monetary reimbursement.

Fast and Furious Eric Holder

On to the Honorable Eric Holder Jr. of [Don’t prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation] fame, and of course Fast & Furious fame. These hearings were not free. Nine months of asking this man for documents related to Operation Fast & Furious. And nine months of him leading committee members on wild goose chases, promising to produce the documents, and then reneging on those promises. Stonewalling. Every person on the committee makes a base salary of $174,000 annually. Plus bonus cash for serving on a committee. Can you imagine what this has cost the taxpayer? Just the initial illegal gun walking program cost 1.25 million dollars in guns alone. Not only that, but first and foremost this cost countless lives, including the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian A.Terry. An then Obama swoops in to invoke executive privilege? Something, by the way, he could have done at the first hearing, or even before the hearing was scheduled. An absolute waste of taxpayer dollars. An obvious political calculation on Obama’s part.

Wind Turbines

I know what you’re thinking, what could a wind turbine possibly have to do with the first two pictures. From 2009-2011 the Obama administration has doled out 9 billion in stimulus dollars to wind and green energy technology pet projects. In doing so, the government has created 910 jobs. Doesn’t that seem low? 910 jobs? Our spendthriftgovernment has spent 9.8 million dollars per “direct” green energy job. Now wait before you judge, there’s more. There were some “indirect” jobs created also, 4,600 of them. So if you add the 910 “direct” jobs to the 4,600 “indirect” jobs you get an average cost per job of—$1.63 million each to produce. That has to be a bargain. In what sane section of the universe do you spend $1.63 million per job?

Federal Reserve

Today the Federal Reserve announced that they were going to extend their controversial “Operation Twist” program, it was to expire at the end of this month. Yes, more stimulus, START the MONEY PUMPS! More propping up of the fake economy. The Fed will continue switching out short-term bonds for long-term bonds dated between 6 years and 30 years. This is designed to drive down interest rates. It’s a high stakes shell game worth 267 billion dollars. All this was done because unemployment numbers went back up .1% to 8.2% (which is a fake number) it’s closer to 10.2%, and the projected GDP numbers have been revised down .5% to between 1.9%-2.4%. Meaning the economy is essentially stalled and stagnant. Could you imagine if you or I tried to manipulate and shift the money markets with our money or assets? The government would throw us in prison, and throw away the key. Each one of these stories spell out certain disaster for the taxpayer, the producer of the country.

It’s time “We the People” start demanding some answers and some changes in our government and its many bureaucracies! Chain their hands and their feet.

Robert E. Stage Jr.

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