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Do my bidding! Signed: Barack Hussein Obama


The photo above, says it all. The liberal democrat media in Ohio is in full-on Obama campaign (spin) mode.

The Columbus Dispatch runs a “Ohio newspaper presidential poll” today on the front page, above the fold. What is so very interesting about it is it’s very skewed poll numbers; Obama 51% Romney 46%. Big bold numbers and colors behind the candidates are an immediate eye draw, away from the poll details, printed in small black print. I say skewed poll numbers because the national daily polls have had the contest at Obama 46-47% and Romney 46-47% respectively. However, with Ohio being a swing state, and everywhere Romney and Ryan hold a campaign stop here in the buckeye state they have very large gatherings. Gatherings reminiscent of Obama’08 sizes. So, you can see why Obama has to have good poll numbers in Ohio, it really is make or break for the president.

This recent poll only serves as another reminder that as long as there are presidential races, there will be those using polls to shape public opinion.

Let’s explore the completely disingenuous poll a bit deeper. The U.S.Census Bureau information compiled from 2010 census states that Ohio had 11,544,951 people living in it. Of those the Columbus Dispatch managed to find 861 people over a time of 5 days to question. So, mathematically speaking they polled 0.00746% of Ohioans to arrive at their Obama 51% to Romney’s 46% figure. Despicable.

What’s even more troubling, is this poll is being released just days after the Obama administration has finally started sharing tidbits of truth about the embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya and the subsequent deaths of our ambassador and his security detail.

So, the Dispatch shares a poll showing the president has a 5 percentage point lead over Romney in the mother of all swing states days after what is arguably the worst foreign policy screw ups in the history of our country, coincidence? I think not. Sounds to me like someone called in a favor.

I gather from this poll that the Obama camp knows people are watching and paying close attention this time around. So they’re having their lackey’s in the media work over time to change negative voter sentiment toward their campaign. It can be summed up in two words, liberal fear! And, that is heartening to the American people.

When liberals are lying, and raising hell, America is heading in the right direction.

– Robert E. Stage Jr.


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Conservative Voter Registration Drive

June 28, 2012 – Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare, better known as Communist Medicine, It is of the UTMOST importance that you make for certain that you are registered to vote come November 6th, 2012!

Remember, Remember the 6th of November! The Conservative Rebellion is coming D.C.

Repeal It! America’s last hope!



This presidential election is the most important of our life time. Since this is the case, we want the next president to have a landslide win and a mandate from the American people. The only way we can achieve this is to make sure we are registered to vote, and get like-minded friends, colleagues, and family members registered to vote. The website has a special tool that you can use to check to see if your friends, colleagues, and family are registered, and you can double-check your own registration status. Go there and check quickly! Pledge to get others to register also. Lets send Obama the socialist packing this November!

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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Tea Party; More Dangerous than the Media Thought

**Story Update**

Dateline Texas: Tea party Republican Ted Cruz forces an election runoff between he and Dewhurst.

**Story Update**

Deb Fischer (R) candidate for US Senate wins over the establishment Republican in Nebraska!!
Another conservative win!

When an awkwardly tall and lanky man who was born in Kentucky and now lived in Illinois, attempted to run for public office for the first time, I bet no one gave him a lot of attention or even a second thought. I certainly bet no one thought that one day he would rise to the highest office in the land and that he would be an agent of change, for the betterment of our Union. The man of course, was Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President. The Republican party started as a smaller, grass-roots, third-party, as an anti-slavery party in 1854. This is where we are in our political climate. We are witnessing a revival of common sense politics in our nation, all I can say is, it’s about time!

When the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) emerged on the scene, a lot of media types discounted them as right-wing crazies, it was largely dismissed as a bunch of angry white people, who were only protesting spending because president Obama was black. That’s right, the media automatically pulled the race card from the deck of tricks they have. They completely ignored the massive, unsustainable Federal spending that had swept in with Obama’s presidency. Then the media tried its very level best to paint the tea party as dangerous, home-grown terroristic, Timothy McVeigh types, who were seditious and anti-American. This only steeled over the resolve of the people who considered themselves part of the tea party movement, imagine, being called a sexual name and innuendo by the President of the United States because he disagreed with you and sound fiscal policy. Imagine being marginalized for something that our grandparents thought was normal, you don’t spend more than you have or make. Were giving away our national sovereignty by running deficits we can’t pay.

When the media raged at the Tea Party for being dangerous to the nation, what they really meant was, the Tea Party was dangerous to liberal progressives, and tax, spend, borrow, and tax again policies. However, a funny thing happened on the way to Washington D.C., the Tea Party hung up their Americana costumes and picked up their clip boards, telephones, and started organizing into an actual political action group and teaming up with other pro-freedom, low tax organizations such as As the Tea Party is gaining steam, the liberal media has had a sharp drop in following and tv ratings. You can really tell when the media is scared to death, they begin searching for stories they can spin into their self-serving narratives. I recently read a story on the Daily Caller that was titled “Tea party petering out in South Carolina?” Its premise was so obvious, try to beat up the Tea Party before some extremely important primary elections in Wisconsin, with Scott Walker (R), In Indiana, With Dick Lugar (R), and Richard Mourdock (R), and out in Utah with Orrin Hatch (R). Now, with Lugar voted out in his primary by 20 points, and Scott Walker (R) voted to stay in office, the media is beside itself. (By the way, Scott Walker didn’t need a single vote to win today, he was unopposed, but he received roughly 70,000 votes more than the two Democrats running against him combined. Wisconsin had a huge conservative voter turn out.) North Carolina passed amendment one, defining marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman and this also would be the only recognized marriage in NC. Now all eyes are on the primary in Utah, to see if Orrin Hatch can win his primary, he is challenged by Tea Party favorite, former Utah State Senator Dan Liljenquist. Needless to say, after todays conservative landslide, Obama’s really got to be wondering what his next political steps are. (A year ago the media said these things were impossible.) The so-called “war on women” he tried to spin as being a Republican problem, has back fired on him. Today he flip-flopped on the Gay marriage issue, his campaign is stinking of desperation. He was for it in ’96, then against it in ’08 and now he’s for it in ’12.

When your political opponents are grasping at straws, you know, that they know, they are in big trouble! Liberals are in a frenzy now, they are watching their religion, “Liberalism” take it on the chin, hard! One can only hope that the media keeps discounting the Tea Party and that the Occupy movement keeps crapping on cop cars and door steps. While their wasting their time begging for lattes’ and for electricity to charge their ipads, conservatives are sweeping into public office, and getting ready to turn this ship around.

Robert E. Stage Jr.

Photos are of my wife and I in Washington D.C. and preparing to go to Washington D.C. April 15 2010, Freedom Works Tax Day Tea Party.


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Obama admits he is Muslim: What a Man Believes, Shapes His Worldview

Matthew 7:20  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

**Story Update**

Rev. Jeremiah Wright admits, “I made it easy for Obama to accept Christianity, without having to renounce Islam.”

Let me begin by saying, I know the US Constitution bars a religious litmus test for all those who would seek to hold public office, and I am in agreement with it. The above video should not be viewed in a Constitutional context. It should however be viewed and reviewed in a context of how a man’s words either shed light, or darkness on his character. In this highly charged, political, election year climate, you will hear a ton more on the faith (Mormonism) of the Republican (almost) nominee, Mitt Romney by the main stream media. In contrast, you will see the media elite try to deflect for Obama, any question that remotely challenges him, his policies, and his faith. Mr. Obama has stated on numerous occasions that he is a Christian, and Jerimiah Wright had led him to Christ, married he and his wife Michelle, and also baptized his daughters Sasha and Malia. (Although Jerimiah preaches black liberation theology). Either Obama is a Christian, or he is a Muslim, there is no middle ground. He can’t have it both ways. Although if you study his actions he tries his absolute best to play the politically correct answers all the time.

Mr. Obama, is the closest our nation has ever come to being ruled by a foreign dictator, thats not hyperbole, many would agree with that statement. So, why does it feel this way?

Because what a man believes, forms all his policies, forms his world view, and forms his moral foundation. After watching the video, ponder the verse of Scripture under it, and ask yourself, what are Barack Obama’s fruits? I would list all the pro-muslim actions he’s taken, but the video does an excellent job outlining them. Something else to remember while watching the video, in Islam, it is perfectly okay to lie about anything, as long as you are ultimately promoting the Muslim faith. And yes, this video has been out for a while, however it never hurts to do a refresher every now and again. Because Sharia Law is not freedom compliant!

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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This video, has to be the truest and most accurate documentary to show just how America has arrived at this place in her history.  This video accrued  300,000 hits in its first 2 to 3 days of being posted on YouTube. The video, produced by, was made to contradict the extremist, leftist, environmentalist point of view. It was released to coincide with the Earth day “holiday”. It illustrates exactly how we’ve gotten to this current place of a stagnant economy. It is so true in fact, it only took one day for the Obama administration to lean on the people at Twitter, and have Free Market America’s Twitter page shut down.

In contrast, the @killzimmerman Twitter page, (of Trayvon Martin Fame) which had people tweeting and retweeting death threats toward George Zimmerman, took almost 3 weeks to shut down. By the way, that webpage was only shut down after Twitter decided to follow its own policy, not from anyone in the government. Currently this video is closing in on 600,000 hits, it has went viral. And there is a very good reason for that, it speaks the truth unapologetically.

Robert E. Stage Jr.


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“We the People” owe an apology to our Veterans of Foreign Wars


    In honor of Armed Forces Day Saturday May 19, 2012

    Just a little over thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan stood at his inauguration; placed his left hand on a Holy Bible, held his right hand in the air and recited his oath of office, promising to defend and uphold the ideas set forth in what is now a 224 year old document against all enemies: both foreign and domestic. In this U. S. Constitution: our form of Federal government and how it relates to State governments was laid out; and its charter was set. In its amendments — our freedoms are spelled out for all the world to see.

In the distant past our nation’s soldiers were revered and held in high regard. They were held up as heroes and role models, parents taught their kids to highly esteem their actions that kept an entire nation safe. However, in recent years, over the last 45 or so years, there has been a chill in the air when it comes to our military men and women. In fact — there is a chill in the air when it comes to a lot of truly American traditions anymore freedom of religion, speech, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.

I began this composition by referring to Ronald Reagan, and for good reason. Reagan is the most recent president to really take an immovable stance on the rise and spread of communism. Reagan went so far as to describe the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire” and he took a lot of pressure for that stance by the liberal progressive media for it. Reagan did not mince words, he did not speak politically correct, he said what he meant, and meant what he said. During his tenure in the White House he gave many speeches; but none probably more geo-politically important than his “Evil Empire” speech on March 8th 1983 to the National Association of Evangelicals in Orlando, Florida, and his “Tear down this wall” speech given at the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate on June 12th 1987.

Let’s speak about the Berlin wall for a moment. This wall erected by the communists in 1961 to stop people defecting from communism to capitalism. In all, 171 people were killed or died attempting to escape the communist eastern block by crossing the  Berlin Wall between August 13, 1961 and when it fell on November 9, 1989. Notice no one was killed trying to defect to communist rule.

Look how far we’ve progressed. Our system of capitalism has been perverted by those in government and high finance, banks; not to mention unions and some corporations. True; free market capitalism has been so shackled and regulated it is barely a shell of its former self. It is being slowly killed off, and for what end? For the very same people who created the crisis to say “you know old gray capitalism “was” ok for times past, but this is now, and that was then, we have a new “system” “.

Look at the amount of national blood and treasure [We the People] have spent on defeating and deterring Communism, Marxism, totalitarianism, and socialism in countries around the world. Just from 1945, at the end of WWII to modern-day the number of our brave soldiers killed in action is close to 100,000 and the dollar amounts are in the 100’s of billions.

We have fought in:

  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Panama
  • Grenada
  • Persian Gulf
  • Somalia
  • Bosnia
  • Lebanon
  • Iran
  • Lybia
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Iraq now
  • Afghanistan now
  • Lybia again now
  • Uganda now
  • The list goes on and on and on!

We have done all of this, and for what? To have our politicians in charge now tell the American people that they stand with the Occupy Wall Street crowd? The re-run of the smelly, dope smoking hippies from the sixties that spit on our service men returning home from war; calling them baby killers. How ironic is it that the same crowd that attacked our troops for “killing babies” are now the very same people who uphold the “pro-choice” banner as a moral decision. All the while trying to compare themselves to the TEA Party, which by its fruits can be absolutely debunked. People at Tea Parties wave American flags in the air and hold them with pride, people at the Occupy (just insert name) defecate on the American flag and stand on them on the ground. No movements in history can be more drastically contrasted, yet the media is complicit with the lies of the hypocritical OWS protesters with all their amenities that were a product of the very same capitalism that they hate.

We have our professors at our universities teaching communist revolution openly in the classroom. Encouraging our young people to act seditiously against their own country. Giving extra credit in fact for protesting at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Many of the protests have had a anti-Semitic theme, which the media has, and continues to ignore.

Our government has “bailed out” multiple business’s. By bailing out these corporations the government has essentially nationalized those business’s. Not only that, by bailing out some, and not bailing out others, the government has also found a way to pick the winner in industry. In some cases the government even operates its very own for profit business’s now. These are all ideas that coincide with communism, not capitalism.

The elected officials in our system have essentially sold out the American people as sheep to the slaughter, while preparing themselves for the future collapse of our systems. The very same people who we have fought for 70 years (Commies) are now in charge of the greatest fighting force ever known to this world, ours. If our path does not change and change drastically back toward our founding principles, We will owe all who have fought and died fighting our nations wars a huge “I’m Sorry”; “I’m Sorry I didn’t question the government when they said, “you don’t need God, let us take care of you”, “you don’t need family, let us take care of you”, you don’t need your guns anymore, we have plenty to protect you”, “You don’t need a home, we will give you one”,”you don’t need healthcare, we will take care of you”,  “don’t read that book, we will teach you”, “you don’t need a job, we have one for you, we would like you to dig a ditch”, and the last noise you will hear is the cocking of their weapon at the back of your head once your hole is dug. Don’t doubt this scenario, it’s happened before! All over the world, where ever communism has reared its ugly head.

One of the malcontents down at Occupy Wall Street was a man who wanted to be a woman and claimed he was fired from his job for this same wish, he claimed his boss “hated” him. He was dressed in a chinese soldiers uniform, complete with hat and a 40 inch by 30 inch chinese flag. When I seen that, all I could think of is the visions I had of a young chinese protestor in 1989 in Tiananmen Square standing squarely in the path of a tank. If the man on wall street was protesting in communist china, they would have silenced him.

God Bless the U.S.A. Still the GREATEST nation the world has ever known.

Robert E Stage Jr.


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Something Americans; are severely lacking right now.

Knowledge and Wisdom are two very different animals, maybe cousins, but really different.

Where does wisdom have its origins, where is its birthplace, who can find knowledge? Have you ever asked yourself, just how does one acquire intelligence? Does knowledge accompany wealth? Or does wealth pre-suppose knowledge? All really deep and thoughtful questions, very philosophical. I believe the quest for knowledge begins with our very first steps toward our own self-awareness. Our own cognisance. Once we begin to understand the world around us. But lets skip ahead a bit. Lets skip to school age, say kindergarten through college graduation, we will focus mainly on these formative years. Over the years our nation has been slowly transformed from a society that has taught its students solid christian fundamentals, morals and the 3 r’s, reading, ‘righting and ‘rithmetic. Now students are coddled and disciplined with “kid gloves”. School administrators won’t discipline in some cases just so they don’t “hurt” students feelings. Teachers are grading papers with purple pens as not to hurt the children’s egos, I got red F’s in school if I didn’t make the standard, you probably did also. Did it hurt you? I was not hurt by it. It made me strive harder for a better grade, maybe one I could get written in black pen.

Many people associate our education system forming around our founding or the middle of the nineteenth century. In doing this, they discount the 156 years between the landing of the Mayflower at Cape Cod in 1620 to 1776. In fact, from AD 1620 – AD 1690 the King James Holy Bible was the text-book used to teach children. That is to say, reading, writing and arithmetic were taught from a holy text, however you will not hear this in today’s “politically correct” classroom. Then from AD 1690 through the middle of the eighteenth century students were taught using the New England Primer. This publication was steeped in Biblical texts also. Students learned the alphabet using Bible verses. After the New England Primer, came the McGuffy Reader. Yes; you guessed it, it was also full of moral lessons, from the Holy Bible. It was used through the middle 1800’s up until roughly the Civil War. The university system in our country that’s made up of a number of colleges, was also founded on Christian principles. In fact 98% of colleges in early colonial and pre colonial America were founded so the nation would have sound, educated men leading the church’s in the country, and not laity.

So where does this bring us? Lets run up to the early 1960’s. This was the period where school systems really deviated and turned against religious principles and morality. This change revolved around two Supreme Court cases brought by the ACLU and others, including a famous atheist named Madeline Murray O’Hare. One case removed the reading of the Bible at the beginning of the school day. The law up until this ruling by the Supreme Court was that 10 verses of the Holy Bible were to be read upon the start of the day by a student, without commentary. The other case removed prayer from schools. The claim was that Madeline’s son was made to feel uncomfortable by these actions in school, this was the premise for the lawsuits. What is really ironic, is the very same kid that was at the center of his atheist mothers lawsuit against the school he attended is now a devout Christian author, he wrote a book named “Let us pray”. William J. O’Hare was used as a pawn; much like the Pro-Death abortion crowd used Jane Row to manipulate abortion laws through the Supreme Court, Now “Jane Row” is also a devout Christian, and her renouncement of how she was used and her Christian testimony can be viewed on YouTube. This is how progressives work. Anything they know they could never get congress to pass, is taken to court, sometimes over and over, until victory of the minority. Our Constitutional Republic was never designed to be ruled by minority rule. Our nation was founded on the principles of  majority rule.

Lets look at something else that has been distorted in the media and in colleges for about the last 100 years, “Wall of separation between church and state” No, this is not a quote from the U.S. Constitution, as some would have you believe. This is a quote from the author of The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. Quite often, this quote is taken out of context so it can be maliciously used to subvert and usurp the meaning of the first amendment. The quote appeared in a letter written to the members of the Danbury Connecticut association of Baptists, from Washington D.C. by Jefferson’s own hand. The letter was written as a response to reassure the gentlemen of the Danbury Baptists that the State (Federal Government) was not going to meddle in Church affairs. In fact, Jefferson even reciprocates the prayers of the Baptists. The letter is dated January 1, 1802.

So it must be a money problem. Ask yourself this, how did our founders become so smart that they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution among other legal documents when compared to today’s economic indicators, most of these men were poor. Here’s an even better question. How did Abraham Lincoln grow up absolutely poor, and yet he still became a lawyer, and eventually President. Arguably these are some of the greatest minds that ever walked the face of the earth. So how did they do it? Some had apprentices. Some just buried themselves in books and read, however one common thread connects these men. They all had a zeal for learning, and a great understanding and reverence of their Creator. All you have to do is read their own words.

Lets look at a just a few facts that can’t be denied when contrasting our current education system to the older models. You can actually contrast just the last 40 years and see a huge difference. In the 1960’s the extent of teacher complaints about students were: chewing gum in class, talking in class, missing the waste basket, and not turning homework in. In our more expensive and “ultra-modern” classrooms teacher complaints have now progressed to: extortion, rape, assault, murder, drugs, and students carrying weapons. Todays schools are run like prisons with their state of the art metal detectors and school lockdown programs. We as a nation should be asking ourselves just where did we go wrong? I contend we run God and his moral codes out of school. I have heard some old country preachers say “We run God out of our homes and our family’s, long before the Supreme Court run him out of the schools!” how right that is. If we do not honor God in our schools, why should He honor our schools? The schools are cursed. I don’t mean a Gypsy put a hex on them. I mean when you try to do things without God he has no business blessing our endeavors. And He won’t! As you have read this, I want you now to remember the series of questions that I posed in the first paragraph. Just where does Wisdom come from? What is Knowledge? Do you have to be rich to acquire these things? Or if you acquire these things, will you be rich?

We as a nation are lacking students and adults that can think critically. We have become a nation of zombies. We need a return to basics, a return to our foundation!

Robert E Stage Jr.


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